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Dating Younger Women Made Easy in 6 Steps

Ah, younger women! This is the goal for many an older guy who is still in the dating game.

The truth is a LOT of guys go for women 5, 10, even 20 years younger then them. It’s a simple fact of life.

The appeal differs among each man. Some want youthful vitality while others want a girl who isn’t jaded by the harsh realities of dating and relationships. If you’re one of these guys, then it really doesn’t MATTER why you want to date a younger girl.

So today, I’m going to help you out. In this post, I’m going to cover 6 steps for attracting a younger woman into your life.

Step 1- Act like a high status person

A common mistake that older guys make is to forget that their age is a good thing. Instead of taking advantage of their positives, they feel self-conscious about being “too old” for certain girls.

If you want to attract a younger woman, then you must maintain a high status personality. Girls want a guy who acts confident. So even if you’re an older guy, keep on playing the part of a high status guy.

In addition, if a woman brings up your age then immediately tackle this issue. What I recommend is to comment on the benefits of being older rather then apologizing for it. In fact, you should tease her for being young.

Step 2- Show attractive qualities

Older guys have a lot of attractive qualities that cannot be found in younger guys. So in addition to showing high status, it’s equally important to display specific traits that women LOVE in an older guy:

This includes:

• Confidence
• Maturity
• Power
• Authority
• Dominance
• Status

You can easily accomplish these traits through your body language and how you speak to women. Remember YOU are in control of how people perceive you. Never allow somebody (especially women) make you feel self-conscious about being a little bit older.

Step 3- Tease the women you meet

At some point in your dating life, you’ll encounter a lot of younger women. My advice is to be a little aloof when you’re meeting them. In other words, you want to act like talking to them is somewhat of chore.

However if you act like a jerk when you first meet a younger girl, she’ll be turned off. What I recommend is to use humor to your advantage. As you’re talking to women, tease and joke around with them.

If you couple humor with a high status personality, then women will be naturally attracted to you. And eventually you’ll steadily meet a variety of younger girls.

Step 4- Keep your hands to yourself

Women are REALLY good at detecting that “creepy” old guy who hits on them. So the last thing you want to do is immediately start pawing at a younger woman.

Remember one of the benefits of being an older guy is how you can control your emotions. Instead of hitting on women, focus on showcasing the personality traits they’ll find attractive.

Where the young guys will be obvious about their “pick up” attempts, you’ll be the guy who has strong sense of presence. Trust me…a lot of young women will love this!

Step 5- Be In Control

Again, I want to stress the benefits of being older. Young women LIKE guys who are in control of their lives and emotions.

And that’s what you can offer them!

Since you’re an older guy, you should be the one to control interactions that you have with younger women. Be the one to take the initiative and make instant decisions. The more she feels you’re in control, the more she’ll be drawn to you.

Step 6- Let her come to you

If you followed the previous steps properly, then you’ll have women coming to YOU. By demonstrating a strong but aloof personality, you’ll become a prize that a lot of younger women will WANT to attain.

If you have an interesting and attractive lifestyle, then women will be naturally attracted to you. So all you have to do is sit back and work at showing the personality traits that a younger woman will want.

Then you’ll literally have your pick of ANY young woman that crosses your path! login
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