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How to Be More Naturally Attractive to Women

In the past few months, I’ve been giving a LOT of thought to what makes a guy naturally attractive to women. Now for the sake of conversation, when I talk about a naturally attractive guy, I mean somebody who doesn’t need to practice attracting women. He just does without a second thought.

So in other words, if you’re reading this blog RIGHT now, then you’re probably not a natural.

Now if you take away guys who have good looks, money or youth, you’ll still have guys who are complete naturals with women. These are the guys who have managed to unlock the secrets for what women want in men.

Now I’ll be the first to admit. I am not a natural with women. Before I aspired to improve on my success with women, I did manage to “Forrest Gump” my way into having sex with women. But looking back, my success was due to a few factors:

• Alcohol
• Being in a Comfortable Environment
• Talking to a Friend of a Friend
• Having a Woman Approach Me

Now I’m not going to give you some sob story about how I was a 40 year old virgin. But, I feel that at one point in my life, my success with women was VERY limited.

So getting back to the point of this article is there are guys out there who have natural success with women. Unfortunately I’m not one of them.

So what makes these guys different?

Well like I said before, I’ve asked myself this question MANY times.

And one day I decided to find out the answer to this question. So for the past month, I’ve studied guys who seem to be naturals with women. (Generally these best way to tell them is how they don’t use openers, negs or other routines we’ve grown to love. Simply, they attract women with a certain type of attitude.)

And what I discovered was simple:

Naturals give off a POSITIVE aura.

Now, I’m not going to go into some hippy new agey rant now, but guys who are successful with women know the importance of triggering a woman’s positive emotions. In other words, naturals are FUN to be around and can provide an interesting perspective through the way they view the world.

First off, naturals know how to discuss their dreams, hopes and secret desires. Whenever given an opportunity, naturals will talk about life in a positive and exciting manner. Since MOST people live boring unfulfilled lives, a natural can provide an exciting change of pace.

Next, naturals are able to avoid the negativity brought up by other men. If you think about it, most people are constantly complaining about how much life sucks. Instead of simply complaining, a natural will express what he doesn’t like in a round about way that brings it up, but also finds a way to improve up on it.

Now to illustrate, let’s go over a few statements made by negative person and by a natural:


1) Those girls are so bitchy. I can’t believe they treated me like that!
2) This is the worst service I’ve ever had. Where the hell did they hire this waitress?
3) I’m so tired right now. I don’t feel like doing anything right now


1) I didn’t do my best in that set. Next time, I’m going to display more energy and positive body language
2) Looks like we’re not going to have the greatest service tonight. But, at least I know the food is going to be awesome!
3) Okay, gotta find a way to jack up my energy levels.

As you can see, these statements are saying basically the same things. But it’s HOW they say it that makes all the differences.

Naturals find a way to be uplifting in every conversation and interaction. If you learn to display a more positive outlook on life, you’ll discover that it’s easy to showcase a positive and natural attitude with your levels of energy.

Then you can become more of a natural seducer of women. login
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