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Calling Out a Woman’s Flaky or Boring Behavior

Conversations with woman are about having fun and building comfort. In fact, when you initially approach a woman, your goal is to progress from being a perfect stranger to making a deep connection.

The problem is you’ll often encounter a situation where a girl is not being helpful with the questions you ask her. Whether she’s being deliberately cold because you haven’t built enough attraction or because she’s a boring person, YOU have to know how to handle the conversation when it starts going south.

First off, if a woman is being cold and unresponsive to your questions, this means you haven’t built enough attraction to get past her Bitch Shield. If that’s the case, STOP asking questions and concentrate on demonstrating high status.

On the other hand, if you know you built attraction and you received a few IOIs, then you might have to call out her boring behavior.

For instance, say you’re trying to build rapport and find out more about her, you would say something like:

“What do you do for fun?”

If you get a bland answer, like “Nothing much” or “I don’t know…”, then you have to take control of the conversation. Typically guys flounder when something like this happens. When they ask a question and get a blank response, they often say a few things that destroys any chance of attraction.

For instance, here’s how the average guy acts in a situation like this:

YOU: “So what do you like to do for fun?”
Her: “Not much, I guess”
YOU: “Oh ok. Do you like to travel?”
Her: “I guess…sometimes.”
YOU: “Oh ok. What type of job do you have?”
HER: “Accounting”

Right here, you can imagine how this conversation will go NOWHERE. By asking a series of boring questions like this, you’ve been sucked into her boring, unresponsive world.

What I recommend is to something a little different. If a woman gives you a boring answer, IMMEDIATELY address this answer and do a little bantering. In essence, you’re calling a girl out because she’s not helping you in the conversation. So let’s work on the example from before:

YOU: “So what do you like to do for fun?”
Her: “Not much, I guess”
YOU: “Wow…are you always this exciting? ” [Say with a smile]
Her: *Startled* “Ummm…no of course not. Ok, I guess I like to …”

This is one of those techniques which seems counterintuitive at first. Women are used to men who say only nice things. They’re not used to guys who present a little bit of a challenge.

So if you’re ever in a situation where you get one word or terse responses, then start calling out her boring behavior. If you do this with a smile and let her know that you’re not treating her like a child, you can easily turn a boring conversation into one that’s exciting. login
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