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4 Mistakes You Could Be Making With Women

As you probably know, dating can be challenging! Nowhere is it written that you’re guaranteed to have success with women. In fact, many guys think that women are SO confusing that they often attach themselves to the first one that pays them any attention.

Truthfully, a lot of problems in the “dating game” stem from the things that GUYS do and NOT from the actions of women. In this post, I want to cover 4 of most common mistakes I see guys make with women.

#1- Not Approaching

You cannot attract OR seduce a woman if you don’t approach her. Many guys look for the ‘right’ moment to start talking to a girl. Unfortunately, there’s no really no perfect time to approach. If you see a girl you like, then don’t hesitate. Approach her! The worst thing that could happen is she says ‘No’!

#2- Having No Confidence

I’m sure you’ve heard this many times, but it’s worth repeating….

Women WANT a man with confidence. If you lack this trait, then you’re probably killing any chance to build attraction. Without confidence, you demonstrate the classic signs of a low status male. This is the guy who consistently seeks approval from others.

A confident man has pride in himself. But he also does in a quiet manner without any need to show off. You can more easily attract women, if you become a guy who is confident in himself and in any situation.

#3- Lying to Women

Lying is one of the quickest ways to destroy a relationship with a woman. Guys are often judged based on their words and actions. So, if you feel the need to lie to women, in order to get what you want, then you’re putting yourself in a dangerous situation. A truly confident guy doesn’t feel the need to lie. He knows that the truth often serves his purpose better then any sort of diction.

Now, we’re all guilty of telling those occasional, minor lies. But, if you constantly need to lie to her for things to go your way, you are headed for trouble at some point. The lies will catch up to you.

#4- Having Weak Character

A man with a lack of commitment and weak character is a huge turn-off for women. A truly attractive guy is someone who actually does what he says. The expression about a “man’s word being his honor” is true. Be confident in what you say, be sure it is true and take action on your words. If you tell her about something you plan to do, be sure there is a time down the road when you are telling her when and how you did it. The point is, you should show her that you actually do what you say. Women want a man with a confident, “will do” attitude.

We all make mistakes with women! However, the guys who achieve true success are the ones who identify these problem areas and find a way to proactively fix them! login
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