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How to Attract More Women By Going After The Hook Point

In a recent article I discussed how women will present ‘The Bitch Shield” and how it’s important to demonstrate DISINTEREST in a girl on your approach. If you can show that you’re NOT trying to pick her up, then she’ll be more likely to pay attention to what you’re saying and respond well to the opener you’re trying to deliver.

Now at the end of the article, I discussed how it was important to NOT be overeager and be show ANY attraction to her until you’ve reached what’s commonly known as the “hook point”.

So what is the hook point?

Well a quick definition is the hook point is ANY moment in the conversation when you that a group of people is enjoying your conversation and walks to continue your discussion. It’s basically where they STOP being polite (if they were ever) and genuinely enjoy what you have to say.

It’s called the hook point because you’ve now hooked them into having you be part of your group. Once you’ve reached this point, you’ve gone from OPENING and transitioned into the normal attraction/comfort building stage.

As I discussed before, the goal of any opener is go from initiating a conversation, getting past “The Bitch Shield” and on the path towards having a normal conversation.

So how do you’ve reached the hook point of a conversation? Well there are a lot of subconscious triggers which a woman will show. Primarily on this page,
I’ve listed 34 classic signals that a woman is interested in you.

But primarily, you can tell when a woman (or a group) is at their hook point when they:

• Smile, laugh and genuinely enjoy your conversation
• Face and/or direct their body language towards you
• Tries to bring up additional topics of conversation
• Starts to ask about you (name, job, hobbies, etc.)
• Touches, pushes or playfully teases you
• Responds to your PUA techniques.

Now my advice for an opener is simple.

Keep on talking till you reach the hook point or crash and burn.

When you’re in a conversation, your goal is to introduce different materials, and routines till you reach the hook point. Then you know you’re in and can focus on getting her to like you.

But what happens if you don’t reach it. Well, keep on doing material (other openers, routines, personality tests, stories, negs). You want to use this stuff till you run out of things to talk about or the group obviously does their best to get rid of you.

And by staying in the group, you’ll at least gain experience by using material you haven’t had a chance to try out. So if you’re rejected, you’ve still got in a little bit of practice.

So as you learned, transitioning from an opener to a conversation can be awkward if you don’t know a group of women want you around.

But if you know how to look for the hook point, you’ll be able to use this information to know when to make that necessary transition. login
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