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Eye Contact Flirting With a Woman

What I like about openers is sometimes you don’t even have to say anything to get a woman to notice you.

Now there will be times when a woman will make DIRECT eye contact with you and will demonstrate what are commonly known as indicators of interest. This is where they clearly show that they’re probably interested in you. If you have the courage, you can use this information to approach and engage them into a conversation.

The truth is girls are getting more forward with their intentions. In fact, there will be often times when a girl is clearly checking out. So what do you do during these moments?

Well it’s simple, you use what I like to call:

“Body Language Opener”

The idea is simple. Whenever you make eye contact with a woman and you know that she’s fully focused on you, you do something with your face and/or body language that’ll break the ice.

The idea is give HER some indication that you’ve noticed her, yet you still have a playful attitude when it comes to talking to her. Usually a body language opener will get a girl to laugh, then you simply walk up and start talking to her.

Now here are some ways you can use your body language to make a woman laugh:

• Stick your tongue out
• Give her a “pouty” face
• Do a really exaggerated “pick up artist” wink
• Give a demure and “embarrassed” look
• Show a big smile
• Do a fake “angry” look, then crack into a smile
• Give a quick head tilt…[Like the “what’s up expression]
• Send a quick wave
• Do a mock “in love” expression. Ie: Grab your chest and flutter your eyes
• Do a fake a suspicious look. Like you know she’s looking at you and keep looking back like your dubious about her glancing at you

Just remember that a lot of these body language openers come from a place of being naturally funny with your expressions. So I recommend you practice the looks you give.

If you practice enough, you can literally make a girl crack up laughing. Then simply approach her and start a conversation.

By using this type of opener, you can start a conversation in more natural manner without resorting to catalog of “canned material” login
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