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How to Create Sexual Tension in 3 Easy Steps

Without sexual tension, it’s impossible to establish an emotional connection with a woman. As I stated in a previous article, women WANT to feel that chemistry where she’s not sure if an interaction is going to be physical. The “emotional dance” you create with sexual tension can heighten her levels of arousal and make you appear more seductive.

As I’ve discussed, it’s important to create this tension during the first few minutes of a conversation. You can do this by demonstrating high status, displaying a cocky/funny attitude and using sexual innuendos.

However, you can LOSE sexual tension as quick as you’ve created it. That’s why it’s important to know how to KEEP the tension till you release it (Hopefully in the bedroom).

So how do you do this?

Well, it’s simple. The best way to maintain sexual tension is to use your conversational skills to heighten that spark of chemistry.

How do you keep up sexual tension? Well there are a lot of ways to do it.

First you should emphasize the confident sexual body language that women love. One of the important things to remember is 90% of our communication is done nonverbally. When you use your body language to connect with a girl, she might be TELLING you that she hates what you’re saying, but her nonverbal language is telling you something completely different.

Another way to maintain sexual tension is to create it during your conversation. Here are three ways to do it:

Step #1- Verbally Spar With Her

Women don’t want guys who are afraid to challenge them. A fun way to maintain chemistry is to present challenging statements and see how she reacts to them. Furthermore, if she comes back with a comment, you go with it and playfully banter.

Verbal sparring is a real powerful way to build a deeper level of attraction. Even if on the surface you’re telling her that she’s wrong, you’re communicating that there is sexual attraction happening.

Women want a guy with a little mystery. If you want to keep up the tension, don’t reveal everything about yourself.

Step #2– Pull Her In/Push Her Way

Part of sexual tension is NOT knowing the outcome of an interaction. If she KNOWS you’re into her, then you run the risk of boring her.

One technique you can do to prevent this is to use the Push/Pull technique. When you use this routine, you keep her off balance by sending mix signals about your interest.

For instance, one minute you’re establishing physical contact, having fun and being really interested in what she has to say. Then you’re pushing her away, busting on her and telling her that she should go “pick up some guy who will kiss her ass”.

While this might seem a bit Machiavellian, this is actually a technique that many women use on guys. They just like to call it “playing hard to get”.

Step #3- Use Future Adventures

The final way to maintain sexual tension is to talk about what it would be like if she’s part of your life. And a powerful way to do this is with the “future adventures” technique.

This routine can have an amazing impact on a woman. When you use future adventures, you discuss all the wonderful experiences she could have with you. You describe each event in a very clear manner filled with vivid descriptions. While on the surface, you’re bantering about these activities, you’re subtly telling her what it’s like when she’s part of your life.

Sexual tension is ABSOLUTELY important to creating that spark of physical chemistry. Even if you’re not blessed with an attractive look, you can use this technique to make a woman feel a very primal urge whenever she’s around you. login
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